Mar. 7, 2017


What kinds of emtional connections do we look for in relationships?  I'll run down the list of things I look for. 1. Consistency 2. Affection 3. Attentiveness 4. Romance and 5. Great Kisser, but not necessarily in that order.  At the top of my list is being a great kisser.  I consider myself to be a pretty good kisser and not to toot my own horn, but I have been complimented on my skills.  (Kudos to me!)  With that being said I am sure we have all encountered all types of kissers at least once in our life.  

I think we all are somewhat familiar with "The Swallower", that's the person who kisses half of your face off , then we have "The Wet Kisser" that's the person who gives not only your lips, but gives your face a bath, and  finally "The Love Maker", that's the person who kisses you softly, passionately, and intensely as if they have you in between the sheets.  

We all have our preferences about what kind of kisser we like. What kind of kisser do you prefer? What kind of kisser are you?