Mar. 9, 2017


Life Dreams - something that you feel deeply about and work hard at accomplishing.  

Some of us ask ourselves this question, "What are my life dreams?"  As we realize what it is that we aspire to do or become, we set out on our journey to make this a reality.  We commit to working hard, invest countless hours to make sure this dream comes to fruition, and sometimes even lose sight of people who are important to us (HIM/HER).  Does this make us selfish? NO, not at all!  In fact, what some partners fail to realize is that your success is their success.  If you win they win.

Hence, the word partners.  In a partnership we look for a person who has similar goals and dreams.  Although, we may choose to chase the dream in different ways.  The ultimate goal is the same, making it to the top.  

My question today is how do we approach the situation if you don't have type of person by your side? He/She may have their own goals and dreams, but choose not to support yours.  How do we handle this? 

I know, you all must be saying easy, "Just get rid of him/her."  If it was that easy most of the world wouldn't be stuck in relationships that hinder their success.

Can you honestly say He/She Is In Your Corner?