Mar. 12, 2017

How Do You Love Yourself?

Loving one self is essential in order for us to show and appreciate the love of others.  Giving yourself the best treatment possible is not only a necessity it is a requirement.  Although sometimes, because of past relationships we forget how valuable we truly are.  We allow insignificant people to break us down.  Our soul and our spirit are the ones that suffer the most.  Eventhough we truly know our worth, our spirit doesn't allow us to love ourselves the right way. 

In my personal experience, I have learned to say to hell with those people who choose to break my spirit because they will not have control over me any longer.  The mistake we make is giving someone that much control because we think they love us.  Our life is our own and we are the ones in the driver's seat.

If this is something you are going through vow to take back control!  Vow to love yourself unconditonally. Schedule that massage once a month, get that mani/pedi you've been wanting, get your hair done, buy that new dress, or just treat yourself to a movie. Anything that makes you feel like the QUEEN that you are.  

Learning to love yourself will open the door for others to love you the way you deserve to be loved.  

So tell me How Do You Love Yourself?