Mar. 14, 2017


Looking at that text in confusion
thinking to myself is that message for me or was that a mistake?
How many weeks had passed and not one message from him.
Should I respond or just let it be?
The mind can play tricks on you.

Happy to hear from him I sent back a response.
A date, of course!
This was what I had been longing for all these months.
Since that most amazing day we first met
the opportunity to explore the connection
I knew we had via text for the past 8 months.
Yes, 8 months!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...
Finally Friday has arrived.
Feeling like a volcano about to erupt
I held it together.
Beautifying myself for him
wanting him to find me more attractive than the day we met.

Here we are face-to-face after all this time. (Valentine's Day)
There goes that volcano again about to erupt.
Telling myself that there is no reason to be nervous
there's no way of getting through to my stomach
it has a mind of its own.

I would have never imagined the evening would go this great.
Conversation, dinner, drinks, music and most importantly
the company was mind blowing.

We allow the music to take us over.
We move to the beat in unison.
We dance for the rest of the night.
As our bodies come closer and closer
We move in for the kiss.

Your lips touch mine and we lose ourselves.
The volcano within me has finally erupted.
This feeling of being with the right person at the right time
consumes me
How could we have allowed so much time to have passed
and missed out on this fantastic feeling.

Today feeling the way I do about you and knowing that you feel the same way too
I won't allow anymore wasted time.
It's no longer me or you I can now say it's US.

Jacqueline Rodriguez