Mar. 16, 2017

What's In A Title?

Do titles really make a difference?  What's in a title?  In my opinion, titles make things difficult.  When titles are given to relationships/friendships they just put a little strain on the relationship/friendship. It eventually leads to expectations which in turn lead to disappointments.

 If two people respect and love each other why does a title need to be given? Each one involved in the relationship should be aware of how the other feels. If you value each other, show respect for one another, have discussed not seeing anyone one else, then both of you know what you are to each other. That should be sufficient. 

Have you ever wondered why some people won't title the relationship/frienship? Maybe they have been so hurt in previous relationships that they are afraid to commit.  Whatever the reason people should not be forced to put a title on a relationship/friendship, hat should come when both sides feel comfortabke. The fact that they invest time in the relationship/friendship should speak volumes. 

Is a Title that important? What do you think?