Mar. 22, 2017

He Loves Me So Good....💕

Wishing and hoping that I could find our first conversation, I looked frantically in my inbox. Disappointed, I remembered that I deleted them. I quickly text you, "Babe do you have our first conversation in your inbox?"  You look and then respond, "No."  Unfortunately, our first conversation is lost in cyber space forever, I thought. 

We make plans to spend the day togther and I suggest that we do something special for each other. One of the rules is that it shouldn't be material or initmate.  Since I'm not creative at all, I take the easy way out and buy you something you showed me you liked. (I definitely cheated) 

So the next day we meet up and as I sit down to get comfortable you hand me an envelope. You lay back and watch me open it. To my surprise when I pull out the contents of the envelope I realize it is our first ever conversation.  The one I had been frantically looking for and so disappointed I didn't find. You laughed loudly when you hear me squeal "Oh babe, thank you!"  

I felt extremely happy that you were able to retrieve our first messages,it really meant the world to me. 

He Loves Me So Good....💕

Does he love you so good?