Mar. 28, 2017


So for over eight years I've prayed that God would send me the love of my life, my soulmate, my other half.  God must of been playing a serious joke on me because like I said I prayed the same prayer day in and day out for over eight years.  I continued to be still with the belief that God would one day answer my plea.  

There were days that I was extremely angry with God.  Literally asking him did you forget about me?  Don't you feel that I deserve to be loved and appreciated? After letting out my frustration I would ask God for forgiveness.  Understanding that when I asked God for something it normally didn't come when I wanted it, but when God deemed me  ready to receive his blessing. Although, I know this it's hard not to become impatient. 

I can honestly admit that I lived my life making other people happy and eventually forgot about myself.  I lived to make my husband happy even when I wasn't happy.  I also sacrificed my happiness so that my children were happy.  At that point in my life that was most important. 

As the New Year (2017) entered, I promised that this year was going to be MY year.  The year to make ME happy, the year to please ME,  the year to feed MY heart.  It's funny because as I claimed this to be my year, I felt it in my heart that thngs would change. 

As the first week of January got underway, God showed me that as I stood in faith and prayed he was going to touch me with his blessing.  I was praying for love, and God finally thought I was worthy of being loved the right way. Now, I understand that during all this time he was preparing me to accept this love and know I was deserving of it.

Grateful for another chance at love I will do everything in my power to cherish it, never take it for granted, and nurture it. 

There is power in prayer...