Apr. 11, 2017

Our First Date....

Those heavy drops that almost interrupted the night.
Stinging rain drops that pelted down, the size of dimes.
Fortunately, for my tenacious character nothing was going to
get in my way, not even the rain.

As I exit, a picture of YOU peeks into my
mind and there goes that somersault!
Who knew that your stomach could feel
like its literally flipping inside.
Over the past couple of weeks I can attest
to this feeling.

Walking through those doors not knowing what to expect.
I sit order a drink and get lost in the atmosphere and holiday
Waiting patiently.

Making your way over to me, I look up and my eyes instantly
A smile graces my lips and Oh! there is that somersault again.
Making me feel like a teenage school girl.

Your presence makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.
The alcohol, atmosphere, and you intoxicate me.

Finally you move closer and kiss me.
The combination of your scent, our closeness, and the kiss
sends chills over all parts of my body.
The sensuality in your kisses made me hungry for another
one, another one, and yet another one.

The night is one of those nights you can get lost in.
Everything seems perfectly planned.
Reality sets in and it's over just as it began.

All I can say is our kiss goodnight is one for the BOOKS!

Jacqueline Rodriguez