May. 8, 2017

Never Enough

Enough in the urban dictionary is defined as - a word to describe a person of the opposite sex as good looking, beautiful, or hot.  Enough meaning he/she would be enough to suit your needs. 

How many of us have heard this from our partner?  The one person who is supposed to make us feel secure and assure us that we are more than enough. Unfortunately, they are the ones who break us down one piece at a time.  We literally feel each piece falling apart.  

After all we do, take care of his home, cook his dinner, wash his clothes, listen when he needs to tell us about his day, and make ourselves physically available. Even with all ofthis said and done it never seems to be enough.  They always find something that we are lacking.

Having experienced a fraction of the things I'm describing, I have come to realize that I am most definitely Enough!  The reality is that THEY are not enough for us.  These men can't handle the women we are, the confidence we exude, or the love we offer. 

So remember the next time any man tells you, you are not enough.  You look him right in the face tell him unfortunately darling, you are not enough for me...