Jul. 11, 2017


How can people turn their feelings on and off as if it were a light switch?  It amazes me how people change from one moment to the next.  One day you are the best person in the world, you are inseperable, life would never be the same without you.  In the next moment, you don't behave in a manner in which is agreeable to them and you become the enemy.  You are disrespected verbally, made to feel like all the energy put into the relationship was in vain.  Made to feel like the love you shared only moments ago is nonexistent.  

Anger and immaturity play a huge role in the inappropriaate behavior of the aggressor.   We as adults have to take responsibility for what we say and how we speak to our partners.  Fowl language should never be used toward your significant other in any way shape or form.  (I am guilty of using fowl language all the time, but not at my partner).  We need to STOP and THINK before we open our mouth.  Although they are just words they do so much damage.

I understand that sometimes we all do things that will hurt our partner, but when That-Love is said to be true you can overcome even the biggest or smallest of obstacles. I am such a hopeless romantic that I believe That-Love can move mountains, That-Love can conquer it all, That-Love is all you need. 

It always comes down to That-Love...