Jul. 19, 2017

What's Your Love Language

I am currently reading a good book, It's a super quick read.  Someone recommended it to me about a year ago and then a special friend mentioned it a few months ago.  I decided to purchase it and I can say I am glad I did.  The name of the book is the 5 Love Languages (The secret to Love that Lasts) by Gary Chapman.

This book focuses on married couples and tries to assist them in finding what their love language might be in order to give their partner what he/she might need in the relationship.  In my opinion, I feel that even people who are not married woud benefit from reading this book.  It helps you decipher what's your love language.  You can identify with what it is you really need in a relationship so you know what you need from your partner. Gary Chapman refers to it as having your tank full or empty.  Full tank of course is when your partner/spouse is pleasing you with the love language you need in order to fulfill you.  Empty tank is when your love language is not being met.

In reading the first 8 chapters I have realized that my Love Language is Words of Affirmation.  In order for my tank to be full I need words of affirmation.  It may be a simple thank you for dinner, I appreciate you for folding my clothes, or just thank you for just being you.  I have been broken down with negative words that these days a nice word of gratitude is all I need.  

It help to confirms that my Love Lnaguage is Words of Affirmation and I won't accept anything less...

Check out the book and let me what you discover your Love Language to be...

Happy Reading!