Sep. 19, 2017

Believe In You

Rejection-is always followed by the word no, but does not necessarily have to be.  It also comes in the form of actions.  There are many ways of being rejected.  It can come from a spouse, when you continuously try to do things to show your love or interest in them and the feelings are not reciprocated.  It can come from a perspective employer, you go in sell yourself, know you have the credentials and then receive the call or email that says sorry we don't think you would be a great fit for our orginazation.  Also submitting an article you believe is your best one yet and receive that letter that begins with we regret to inform you...  

The feelings we get from being rejected are ones that can sometimes break us.  We go through an immense amount of emotion of not being good enough, of not being worth it, of not being wanted.

We seem to ignore that God or the Universe may have a better plan for us.  That in reality we are being saved from maybe months or even years of heartache,frustration, and/or disappointment.  We think we know what's best for ourselves but we must trust that a higher being knows better and believe that when things are meant for us they will be.

Although we may have recieved a NO continue to push forward believing that you are good enough, that you are most definitely worth it, and someone else will always want you.  It will never be your loss but theirs.