Dec. 9, 2017

Have No Regrets...

It may sound cliche when I say, be careful what you wish for.  Oh boy, but how often did I wish.  I used to look at you and watch you laying in bed and wish you weren't so predictable.  I remember thinking each day to myself, its almost 4:30 and he will be home and know exactly what our night would be like.  Most nights I would wish you were more interesting, spontaneous, and even just more exciting.  

I can recall telling you, you need to find some friends, go out more, or even join the gym.  In hopes that our conversations would be different or that our relationship would find that spark it once had. 

Year after year we both tried to make it work but the relationship/friendship just went downhill. Things certainly did change; not for the better but for the worse. The bickering began, the insults, and all things disrespectful.  That's when I made the decision that it would no longer work between us.  

Today, I sit here alone wishing you were by my side, that when I look at my phone it would read your name, or that you would just be laying in bed being the predictable man I used to know.  Now you do have friends, make it a point to enjoy your life, and I am definitely the furthest thing from your mind.  

So in this instance, be careful what you wish for fits like a glove.  

Have No Regrets...